February 2022 Wrap Up


Season 2 is here and so is Resurgence

February brought most of us rain, snow and cloudy weather… but it also brought the long awaited return of Resurgence on Warzone 2.0. With the new season is a new map (Ashika Island) and new ways to play on Challenger. After a bit of data science magic Ashika Island is now fully supported for contests.

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Team Formats are LIVE

What’s better than winning? Winning with a friend or is it winning your friend’s cash? Now you can play with friends, cause well… playing together is better. Go Team vs. Team and find out who has the best strategy or run Team vs. Themselves and let the best player shine (and earn). Check out the details in our release notes.

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Did you know you can invite friends?

If you said winning your friend’s cash is the way to go, then check out our invites functionality. Just slide over the ‘Invite’ toggle and toss in a friend’s username or email and call them out. Challenger will send them an email and in-app invitation for them to accept. It’s that simple. Best of all any new users you refer will earn you $5.00 in Challenger credits.

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CS:GO hits 1.3M Players

Can you believe it? February also brought us another huge milestone for our favorite FPS. A decade later and CS:GO is going stronger than ever, hitting over 1.3M concurrent players. We can’t even count the number of flashbangs that must be! Resident CS:GO pro and Challenger advisor n0thing was in the mix, and maybe if you get lucky he’ll play you next.

n0thing to see here


To stake or not to stake, that is the question.

Stake the Streamer was a huge success! We partnered with StakeKings.com on our first ever event on Feb 22, 2023. Over 2,000 fans joined us for a crazy head-to-head kill race on WZ2 resurgence map Ashika Island. Apathy and Slacked played for the love of their fans, racing to be first to 100 kills. It was a battle, with Slacked coming out on top thanks to a HUGE final game performance, paying out his backers $175.00 on a $100.00 stake. Keep an eye out for the next event, now you can get paid to WATCH!

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