Challenger and StakeKings Raise the Stakes for Wagering with Streamers on Video Game Contests

Stake the Streamer will allow fans to stake their favorite streamers in real money competitions SAN DIEGO – FEB 15 – Challenger, a platform that enables peer-to-peer cash contests in esports video games, and StakeKings, the world’s largest crowd-staking marketplace, have partnered to launch Stake the Streamer, a program that enables fans to stake their favorite Twitch streamers playing in … Read More

Introducing Team Contest Formats

player format launch

New Team Formats are Live We all love to play with friends and now you can on Challenger! Last release we introduced invites as a way to start playing with and wagering against your friends in your favorite games. Now you can win together and get paid together or… play together on same in-game team while competing against one another … Read More

Extraction Shooter’s are the FUTURE

Jan Blog - Wilbo DMZ

Let’s face the facts – Battle Royale games are in a weird place. Where some titles have struggled to evolve and stay relevant, big names in the genre overcorrected with new releases – leaving the door open for something new and exciting: Extractor Shooters. Now, I know what some of you are thinking – Extractor Shooters aren’t new. I’d agree … Read More