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Challenger Arbiter TM

The ArbiterTM is the key to Challenger's automation. Our proprietary platform and AI models monitor you and your opponents gameplay.  Turning game video into real-time game stats detecting everything from game titles and match formats, to where and who you are playing. The Arbiter resolves all this data into a real-time understanding of the match, automatically resolving contests and keeping an eye out for cheaters.

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Game the Same - Earn Differently

Challenger makes it simple to add cash stakes to your gaming.


Challenger is providing everyday gamers new innovative ways to earn while playing games using our Windows application. The application uses advanced AI to observe and track game interactions to determine outcomes. Just like Twitch, it is passive, running in the background, so you game the same.


Set the amount you want to challenge for and our system finds your opponent. In real-time the Challenger AI is score tracking and moving cash (credits) between players based on the contest amount. You only have to focus on playing your best game.


Challenger credits are yours and you choose how to play them, store them, or withdraw them. Credits convert to cash (USD) at time of withdrawal, so you can use them to deposit into your account, exchange for gift cards, or awesome Challenger Merchandise!

Play with Friends or Alone

Challenger supports multiple team and solo formats

solo vs solo icon


No teams. It will be your score against your opponent's score to determine the outcome of your contest.
team vs team icon


Team members will have their scores combined for the contest outcome. You will play against a team of equal size.
team vs themselves icon


Compete directly against your own in-game teammates to be the high score and win the contest.
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Simple Automated Client Application

JUST DOWNLOAD, INSTALL AND LAUNCH.  WE DO THE tracking so you don't have to.
Challenger Windows Application
Credit Per Kill
Best of Match
Last Gamer Standing
Kill Race
King of the Hill

Multiple Wager Formats

Play the way you want. Bet the way you play.

Challenger offers several contest and wager formats that you play the game the way you like to play and add in an incentive.  Our contest formats let anyone jump into the action.

Play Your
Favorite Games

Challenger supports your favorite games like Call of Duty Warzone and Warzone 2.0, Fortnite, Counterstrike Global Offensive (CS:GO), PUBG, League of Legends, DOTA and we are adding new games all the time.  Play First Person Shooters (FPS), MOBA, Sports Games, Racing Games and more.
Call of Duty
Apex Legends
League of Legends

No Waiting - No Scheduling

Play when and where you want.
Challenger's patented AI keeps track of your play automatically. No need to schedule matches, play on private servers or wait for opponents. Just launch, set a challenge and play. Challenger does the rest.
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Simple and Secure
Deposit and Payout

Integrated worldclass payment methods to make deposit and withdrawal easy, secure and fast.

Payment Formats