Product Release – v3.0.0

challenger application - contest workflow

New Contest Flow, Invites and Notifications

Announcing Version 3.0.0! We have had a ton of feedback in the past 2 months about how you want to play. This version is full of new features and some new workflows, so be sure to check out the changes.


With the addition of invites and the planned addition of other features, we wanted to improve the contest workflow while also incorporating the input many of you shared with us about our previous process.

This new flow now introduces a new concept, ‘Team Format’ and completely upgrades the contest type selection to account for our newest feature INVITES, more on that later.

As you can see in the new flow you will now select Solo vs Solo, Team vs Team or Team vs Themselves, prior to selecting the Lobby Format. Team formats are just one of the many new ways to play that we will be introducing in 2023.

Solo vs Solo is live now and look for more options to release in the coming weeks.


One of our most asked for features is the ability to invite a friend to participate with you in a contest. Ask no further! Now you can select another challenger simply by adding in their username OR add in a friend’s email not on Challenger and we will send them the invite to join your contest. Best of all if you invite a new user we will still hook you up with a free $5 bonus for the referral.

Select ‘Next Available Opponent’ is still available if you prefer Challenger to find you an opponent, that option will automatically match you into a contest just like it does today.

challenger application - contest workflow


To compliment the invites functionality we have also introduced a new view for managing your contest requests and invites. This view will give you visibility into the contest invites that you have sent to others and let you see those pending your acceptance.

Just click on a contest to see the details and accept or decline.


Along with invites we have expanded notifications, both in the application as well as through email. Challenger now will send updates to keep you and your opponent in the know. We will automatically send emails to invitees, contest status to all participants and weekly summaries of your gameplay.


First thing on our New Year’s resolution was a make over, so we did just that! Check out the new design at

That’s it for now. Get out there and PLAY. WIN. GET PAID.