Extraction Shooter’s are the FUTURE

Jan Blog - Wilbo DMZ

Let’s face the facts – Battle Royale games are in a weird place. Where some titles have struggled to evolve and stay relevant, big names in the genre overcorrected with new releases – leaving the door open for something new and exciting: Extractor Shooters.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking – Extractor Shooters aren’t new. I’d agree with that argument – Escape from Tarkov has been around since 2016 & The Division introduced the “extraction game mode” that was inclusive to console players that same year. Tarkov is designed for a particular gamer – one with a Gaming PC and patience for arguably the most difficult & most complex first person shooter there is. I’m also convinced the game will still be in BETA in 2027. The Division showed some promise, but its end game… ended and very quickly.

We’ve yet to see the impact that a true Extraction Shooter can have on the gaming industry at large, cross platform, by a Triple-A studio. DMZ is showing serious promise in its early days (raising my hand, I’m a bit obsessed currently) & I’m excited for the upcoming fixes and additions coming to season 2. The tactical shooter sub-genre offers a refreshing change of pace from the typical “try to survive” repetitiveness of BR’s. (Side note – I don’t find the collect materials for Nuke as entertaining content. I felt that needed to be said)

There are some key factors that, I believe, sets extraction shooters apart –

  • Emphasis on missions – requiring gamers to communicate, work together and think strategically to complete objectives and overcome obstacles. While in the lobby, my friends and I coordinate what weapons, attachments, kill streaks and inventory we’re equipping to best overcome upcoming obstacles
  • Sense of progression & accomplishment – BR’s are great because you can simply pick up the sticks and drop a few without feeling like you’re falling behind friends. In the past 2+ years, that repetitiveness has gone stale. After hundreds of wins across Verdansk & Caldera – I was left wondering “whats the point”? Extracting with high value/rare loot or completing a collection of difficult missions is a rewarding feeling that I think other multiplayer game modes miss
  • Risk/Reward – Knowing that you can lose all your high tier loot – weapons, armor, backpacks, keys – if killed, brings a satisfying but tense feeling throughout the lobby

As a preferred console player, my options for extraction shooters are quite limited, but I think that will change soon with not only DMZ exiting it’s BETA status, but also companies like Ubisoft, Bungie and even SEGA will be introducing their own unique take on the sub-genre.

As usual, I’d like to share my desired features – my hope is DMZ will introduce some, if not all, listed below to DMZ in the next two seasons –

  • Economy – probably the biggest miss at launch for Activision, the lack of meaningful and consistent economy. I’d love to see the ability to extract Level 3 armor for future raids, Large Backpacks and even cash that can be used in some “shop” or “market” for rare items for quests/missions, hard to acquire weapon blueprints or even operator skins. Although I like the insured weapon slots (I’ve managed to unlock all 3 in Season 1), I’d like to see the ability to sell my items and contraband to other players for cash
  • Weather changes – I’m excited to see the 3rd Map coming to DMZ, Ashika Island, and I’m hoping the fog they’ve referenced is just a taste of what’s to come regarding weather changes across lobbies. You’ve heard me comment about this, prior to Warzone 2’s release -this would introduce such an interesting dynamic moving forward
  • More nuanced boss challenges/scenarios – the chemist was a start and I’m hopeful for the upcoming bomb maker, but I’d like to see a few different boss variations that are random and more difficult to find. I think it would be more interesting is bosses we’re clearly shown on the mini-map, but required squads to complete tasks to reveal their location. The weapon crate and chemist are now non-factors in season 1, where I’d like to see them to consider making these challenging engagements for relevant in the later stages of faction missions

If you haven’t had a chance to dive into this game mode, especially for those bored of BR’s, I highly recommend it. Extraction shooter games are a superior alternative to BR, offering a more structured, teamwork-oriented, and rewarding gaming experience. If you’re looking for a change of pace from the monotony of multiplayer, give extraction shooter games a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy hunting (and extracting!)