Video gaming has been a lifelong passion for all of us here at Challenger and we are excited to be leading what we believe will be the next big evolution for the gaming world.

It started as an idea in the middle of a Battlefield match and has turned into a new way for gamers to participate in contests and win cash prizes. Rather than waiting for scheduled tournaments and bracket play, our users just start our application, select a contest preference, and start playing on one of our supported games. These are major titles created by the top game developers in the world.

Our on-demand application collects data in real-time as users play and detects interactions with other players who are also using the application. When two players with an active contest interact, think of a kill or death in an FPS game, we reconcile that data and result in a score with credits moving from the losing player to the winning player.

Who We Are

We are  gamers and technologists, entrepreneurs and executives, and more than anything we're a team of individuals that are very excited to bring forward a paradigm shift in the skill-based cash gaming industry.

Our professional background is in a mix of technologies that require real-time data capture and communication. We've built communities, we've built gaming software, and we've built a network of talented friends and colleagues along the way. We're taking what we've gained and learned, combining it with our passion for gaming and bringing to market a new way for gamers to play. Whether they want to make money or just add more excitement to the games they already play and love, our mission is to provide them with the best and most fun experience possible.



If you would like to learn more about what investment opportunities exist, please reach out via info@playchallenger.com.

You can also find us on Angel.co, and LinkedIn.


We are very proud of our active Discord community and the support we receive from our live streamers! 

If you have any questions that are not answered by our How It Works page or the FAQ, please feel free to reach out via our support portal!

We are currently still accepting applications for affiliates and sponsored  streams!