Challenger Secures Seed Fundraising

Challenger Community,

We are super excited to announce Challenger has secured its series seed fundraising led by SeventySix Capital and in partnership with Revel, Acies and an array of individual investors and industry leaders. This is a major milestone for Challenger and for all of you that have been waiting for the platform. Read more about this in our

Challenger Series Seed

Press Release and on ESPORTS INSIDER. The funds raised will help us deliver on our mission to create a secure and trustworthy environment for gamers of all levels to compete for real money in eSports. We strive to provide a fraud free space to play, where users can enjoy real time access and notifications as well as transparency to the decision making of the platform. We aim to foster a community of healthy competition, while holding high standards on mutual respect amongst our players. As an industry advocate, Challenger sets out to progress the future of real money eSports.

Chris and I started Challenger in 2017 with nothing more than an idea to make cash wagering on video games easier. After a night of BF4 with our buddies we realized there wasn’t an easy way for the average gamer to add cash play into their normal gameplay. After a beer with Chris at the bar Challenger was born. It’s been a journey figuring out the right mix of technology to make the Challenger experience as simple as possible but we finally have it!

CSGO is live today so get on and try it out. Call of Duty, PUBG, and Fortnite are on the way so keep checking back or join the waitlist. We have a huge array of community features, new contest formats and look forward to deploying our first supported console later this year.

Thanks to our community for the ongoing support, now let’s all go win more than glory!

Chris (mountaintoph) and Team Challenger

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