Product Release Notes – November 2022

New Games, New Contests, New Dashboards OH MY!

November delivered many exciting updates including new games, new challenge types, and some long awaited web portal reporting updates!

Last month we released our first kill race format, Most Kills – Next Match, this month we’ve expanded to now offer more configuration on kill races.

We now support cross-lobby challenges on Fortnite Battle Royale. Now you can create Challenges and win money playing one of the most popular games ever created!

New Contest – Kill Race Kill Limit
The contestant that reaches the kill limit in the shortest amount of time wins. Built upon the new cross lobby contest engine (released last month), we’ve added another new contest type that allows you to chase as many kills as you can in Battle Royale games. You set a kill limit, and then it’s a race to achieve the limit. Even if it takes you multiple in-game matches to reach it, you still have a chance to win as long as you’re the first one to the finish line.

New Contest – Kill Race Time Limit
Contestants have a limited time to record kills, the contestant with the most recorded kills within the time limit wins.

In this game mode, as the name implies, you are going for as many kills as you can manage within the limited time provided. You have a fixed amount of time to score as many kills as possible. Once the time limit is reached, your score is finalized and your entry is submitted.

contest dashboard

Contest Dashboard – In App
With the introduction of cross-lobby contests, it means that your challenges may not be immediately met and your contests may not have an immediate result, so we’ve created a dashboard that allows you to track all of your current challenges and money that’s in play.

You can also view recently completed contests to get a sense of how you’ve been doing!

Infrastructure scale and functionality expanded
Behind the scenes there have been many improvements to scale along with expanded functionality related to our notifications and overall communication functionality, including user-to-user capabilities.

Web User Portal – Reporting!
Multiple reports and dashboards that allow you to visualize your performance over time are now available in the web user portal. We will continue to expand the types of data we report on, but already you can see your challenge history, win rates, and some of your gameplay statistics.

Web User Portal – Referrals revisited
We’ve updated the referrals system and section of user profiles, with new badges and new organization to help you better track all the money you’re making from referring new users to Challenger. Accessed within your profile (from the username menu in the web portal) you can tab over and grab the new assets and see how it’s going.

Paypal (INTL) and Venmo (USA)
Expanded deposit options now include PayPal for all global customers and also Venmo for US customers. It’s now easier than ever to fund your account and start gaming for cash!