Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert Joins the Challenger Team

The Counter-Strike Gaming Legend-Turned-Star-Streamer Joins the Challenger Team as a Strategic Advisor to Advance the Platform and Promote the Brand

Team Challenger is pleased to announce that former professional Counter-Strike competitor and now successful streamer, , has joined the Challenger team as an official advisor and brand ambassador. Leveraging the 10+ years he spent playing at the pro level and developing a loyal fan base, Jordan will showcase the platform’s capabilities for his audience during Challenger-sponsored Twitch streams, while providing the Challenger team an inside perspective on how to further optimize the experience for gamers of all backgrounds.

“We’re stoked to partner with a gaming icon like Jordan,” said Chris Slovak, Challenger’s CEO & co-founder. “At Challenger, we rely on user input to make the platform as easy to use and optimized as possible. However, it can be hard to get the proper feedback through surveys alone. Jordan provides us a high-level perspective into how the platform caters to the needs of gamers from the mindset of an active and seasoned gamer, himself. We never want to lose sight of our core base’s needs, and bringing on brand ambassadors like Jordan will allow us to stay on the pulse of what our audience truly wants from the gaming experience.”

To kick off this new partnership, Jordan and Chris Slovak will co-host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Twitch on November 17 starting at 4pm PST. The AMA will begin with Jordan providing his opinions on cash competitions in gaming and the impact it will have on the video game industry, then transition into Q&A with Mr. Slovak. You will be able to join the AMA at, and those who would like to ask questions in advance can visit Challenger’s Discord Server and add them there.

During the course of the partnership Gilbert will invite friends and fellow streamers to help showcase the power of the platform with friendly CS:GO matches as well as to-be-announced sneak peaks. As a bonus, Challenger will be seeding gamers and fans with their first cash entries, all of which they will be able to win and keep. The friendly sessions will be streamed live on Jordan’s and Challenger’s Twitch channels starting early November. Jordan will also participate as a member of Challenger’s Advisory Board every quarter to provide feedback, strategic guidance, and suggestions based on his experience with the platform.

“I’m excited to partner with Challenger. The concept of “money games” isn’t new to gaming, but it’s never been done in a way like this, with proper technology backing it to secure the process and make everyone feel comfortable with the outcome, win or lose. I look forward to helping them dial in the product, especially in regards to games like Counter-Strike and Valorant.”

Gilbert is the first of several game-specific brand ambassadors that Challenger will recruit for deeper insight on how to further cater the user experience for gamers of all backgrounds, skill levels, and audience sizes.

“Every game is different and nuanced, and our goal is to provide the best user experience possible for each,” said Slovak. “Jordan will provide the necessary insight for Counter-Strike, but the CoD player is different from the Fortnite player, and so on. We are excited to bring on a new ambassador for every game that is launched on the Challenger platform, with a star like Jordan as the very first.”

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