Deposits, Withdrawals and Promotional Credits


We’ve been super busy during BETA fine tuning our platform and updating our AI models working toward cash based play. We are excited to announce that Deposits, Withdrawals and Promotional credits are available today! With this major release players can deposit funds for Challenger credits that can be used as currency within gameplay as wagers. The time is finally here to GET PAID TO PLAY!


Add Credits to Challenger


Deposits are easy and secure through our online checkout partners Stripe and Plaid, and support all major credit cards and bank transfers through ACH. New players get $5 FREE for signing up. Each deposit rewards you with bonus credits that unlock as you play. The more you deposit, the larger the bonus! Just log into your account to get started.

Bonus Credits

We’ve also released promotional and bonus credits with this update. Earn credits by referring your friends, through official contests and deposit bonuses. Promotional credits unlock and convert to real credits as you play, regardless of win or loss.  Now you can also keep track of your promotional credits and pending bonus in the Transactions page in your account.


It’s easy to exchange your credits back into cash. Just head over your Transactions page and make a submit a withdrawal. Requests are reviewed against our fraud detection and processed in 48 hours. Look for the release of our automated withdrawal solution enabling direct deposit to your bank account.

Challenger App - Last Player Standing


New Games & Contest Types Coming Soon

We all know you want more games and more contest types!  New games including Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, Valorant and Fortnite are on the roadmap and will start rolling out early next year.  With our new Cross Lobby play you will be able to play anyone anywhere even if you aren’t online at the same time!  We will release more about that in January so keep an eye out for the next Dev Update.