How it Works

Challenger lets anyone jump in, play and cash out. No waiting. No Trading.

    Getting Started

    01Join community

    Join our active community of hardcore gamers, streamers, and enthusiasts to connect with other Challengers.

    02Download app

    Challenger currently runs on Windows. Download our application to create an account and profile.

    03 deposit funds

    Take advantage of our first deposit matching program to get free credits.

    04select match

    Choose from a variety of matches based on your style of game play. We'll match you with other Challengers as you enter games together.

    05Play to Win

    Win real cash just by playing the games you already know and love. Choose from popular titles like CounterStrike, PUBG and Fortnite.


    Withdraw securely at any time, or bankroll your winnings into larger Challenges to win more cash.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Challenger?

    Challenger is bringing you a gaming experience like never before. We believe that video gaming for profit shouldn’t be reserved for select few professional gamers but opened to EVERYONE so that people of all skills can compete for cash prizes against a similar talent pool. Challenger lets anyone jump in, play and cash out. No waiting. No Trading.

    We’ve STREAMLINED the competitive gaming process with an on-demand client application for AUTOMATED score keeping and payout that allows you play when and how you want. Continue to play your favorite servers and existing tournaments and ladders, but with Challenger enabled to WIN CASH.

    What are Credits?

    Credits can be won by playing and competing with other Challengers. You can convert Credits back to cash whenever you want.

    What are Points?

    Points are awarded for your Challenge activity, the more you play the more points you win. Youucan also earn points by participating in the community. Points will be just one measure of your player score and will showcase your skill and activity. 

    What games do you support?

    Right now we support Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.  Sign up to get the latest new and announcement on new games coming soon.

    I need help?

    No problem. Head over to our support portal and let us know how to help.


    Challenger is designed to support gamers playing on public servers just like they normally would. The Challenger platform will recognize when two contestants are on a server together and enter them into a skill-based contest for a chance to win against their opponent(s).

    Real-Time Sessions

    No waiting for tournaments or trading skins through an escrow service. Play your favorite games on any server, on-demand, for a chance to win and cash out.


    No ACH deposit or withdrawal fees. Play anytime and cash out whenever you choose.
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    Select from multiple Challenge types based on your style of game play. Select a game to view available Challenge types.
    • Credit per Kill
    • Last Man Standing
    • Best Of

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    Safe & Secure

    Deposit, play, and withdraw in a safe and secure environment.