Player Unknown Battlegrounds is on Challenger.  Play the original BR for cash now.
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Get your chicken dinner on Challenger.

Battle Royale! Challenger allows you to game the same, but win differently. The Challenger app will automatically match you against the other Challenger and keep track of the results, but it is up to you to get the most kills or maybe be the last gamer standing.


Play PUBG however you you want. We support all the classic modes and maps. Challenger works on First Person Perspective and Third Person Perspective so choose your favorite.

  • Classic - Solo
  • Classic - Duo
  • Classic - Quads


Nothing is better than a chicken dinner than sharing it with friends, so team up or just go it alone with several supported contest formats.

  • Solo vs Solo
  • Team vs Team
  • Team vs Themselves


Up the ante and play other gamers for real money across several contest types on Challenger. Now that chicken dinner can be free!

  • Kill Race - Time Limit
  • Kill Race - Kill Limit


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