How to Make Money Playing Video Games

How to make money playing video games on Challenger.

Get Started Making Money Playing Video Games

What is Challenger?

Challenger is a revolutionary new way to play your favorite video games with real-money wagers against other players. Our patented application automatically matches you and tracks in game activity, making it simple for users just like yourself! The best part? You can cash out whenever.

How do I get started with Challenger?

Challenger is the ultimate tool for gamers. All you have to do it download Challenger and start playing your favorite games with it! The program will track how well-you play, matchmake against other players in different lobbies if needed - while doing so invisibly behind scenes without any human intervention at all. All you have to do is Play. Win. and GET PAID!

How much does Challenger cost?

Sign up for a free account and get 500 credits! You can use those to test out the app.  Credits can be traded in for cash at anytime.  Just connect your bank account and funds are instantly deposited.

Make Money by Playing Video  Games on Your PC Computer

Launch on-demand gaming sessions with our lag-free Windows application. Enter into cash wagers with other gamers on your favorite PC video games.

Once you start the wager, the app will actively capture your screen to understand what's happening in the game, it doesn't interfere with the underlying game code itself or have to wait for an API to tell it what happened. This is the next generation of skill based cash play, join up and cash in.

Challenger Add Credits Process

Make Money by Playing Your Favorite Video Games

Challenger Supports the worlds most popular PC games.

Global offensive

Credit per Kill Icon Best Of Icon


Credit per Kill Icon Last Gamer Standing Icon


Credit per Kill Icon Last Man Standing Icon

CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare

Credit per Kill Icon Last Man Standing Icon  Best Of Icon



Credit per Kill Icon Best Of Icon



Credit per Kill Icon Best Of Icon

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