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    Win real cash playing CS:GO.

    No matter what game type you are playing (Deathmatch, 5v5, Danger Zone) Challenger will automatically match you with other CS:GO players for real time cash contests. Download the Challenger client and jump into a match.
    • Multiple challenge types
    • Skill matching engine
    • Ultra-fast and secure
    • All players get 100 FREE Credits!

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      Challenge Types

      • Credit Per Kill Icon

        First Person Shooter

        The most simple Challenge type. Each kill wins credits and each death loses credits. You choose the number of credits per kill.

      • Last Man Standing Icon

        Battle Royale

        Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Victory Royale! Outlast all other Challengers in a Battle Royale match and win all credits for that round.

      • Best Of Icon

        First Person Shooter
        BEST OF

        Credits are awarded after a predefined number of kills against your opponent. For Best of 3, whichever challenger gets two kills against the other first, wins.

      How it works


      1. Play

      The Challenger system tracks your interactions via our Windows application and uses advanced AI to observe and understand the gameplay. It’s all passive to the game just like a Twitch or YouTube stream.

      2. WIN

      We’ll take care of the score tracking and moving money between players based on their wager amount, so you just have to focus on playing your best game.  Challenger will transfer money (in the form of credits) between players when scores happen.

      3. GET PAID

      The credits are yours and you choose to play them, store them or withdraw them into cash. Credits convert to cash (USD) at time of withdrawal, just let us know where to send them!
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      how it works
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      Don't see the game you want to play? Let us know! We're adding cash wager support to more games based on user demand. 

      Global offensive

      Credit per Kill Icon Best Of Icon


      Credit per Kill Icon Last Gamer Standing Icon


      Credit per Kill Icon Last Man Standing Icon

      CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare

      Credit per Kill Icon Last Man Standing Icon  Best Of Icon



      Credit per Kill Icon Best Of Icon



      Credit per Kill Icon Best Of Icon

      What is Challenger?

      Challenger is a new way to play your favorite games with real-money wagers against other players. Unlike other tournament platforms, we don't require you to play 1v1 or schedule play. You set your wager in the Challenger app, it will do the rest, detecting when other Challenger users are in your games, tracking scores and moving the money between the players.

      • Play video games for money
      • Play when you want, no schedule required
      • Play how you want on games of your choosing
      • Simple cash outs, tell us where to send the money
      How It Works

      Challenge on more platforms

      Look out for launches on your favorite platforms coming soon. Sign up to receive launch updates.

      Windows PC

      Xbox Coming Soon

      Playstation Coming Soon

      Safe & Secure

      Deposit, play, and withdraw in a safe and secure environment.