May 2023 Update



Keep on the lookout for our updated and revamped dashboard! We are adding details of your current and recent contests as well as quick access to your invites. 

NEW ACTIVE CONTESTS:  Now you can see all the active contests open from other players.  Browse and challenge or setup a new challenge to add to the board.  With Active Contests now you can see the best from other players and the hot new modes from the community.


There was some some big news in April and May.  Here are our favorites:



Ever thought that you had what it takes to be a streamer? Now you can! Just invite n0thing or modernwarezone to a challenge and they will play you live on stream.  Win and get the bragging rights and the cash!

Check out the drops from our awesome partners:


Compete directly against your own in-game teammates in our Team vs. Themselves player mode.  We all know having bragging rights as the best player on the team is awesome, but now you can get paid to be the top player.  Challenger is bringing the most popular game format seen on Twitch to all players.

Run a “free for all” and see who is the best individual player on the team, OR team up and run 2v2 like the pros and compete as a divided team for who can do the best.  Next time you drop in as a quad with friends put some money on it!

Team Sizes Available

  • Free For All (FFA)
  • 2v2


CONGRATS @whayam!

To celebrate our Discord server revamp we held a contest to giveaway a year of Discord Nitro to all our server users that helped invite new gamers to Challenger.  We announced the winner this weekend, whayam. Thanks to everyone for participating and making our community awesome. 

Not on Discord yet?  Join here.

GIVE $5 GET $5

Did you know you can earn $5 just for inviting friends?  We will hook you and your friends up for helping get the word out.

Login, grab your referral code and post to your favorite socials, email friends or share on Discord. When they sign up we will hook you and them up!

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