New Dashboard and Contest Details

Contest Dashboard

We previously hosted a contest history within our Windows app, we’ve moved this to the web portal and significantly expanded the functionality and detail available.

Within the Challenger web portal ( you can see a list of your in-progress and completed contests. At the top level you will see the most essential information, such as the participants, your score, and the status of the contest. You can select any contest from that summary and view all of the details related to it, such as:

  • Financial data (entry, prize pool, etc)
  • Participants and their score, this includes your team and opposing team(s)
  • Contest settings such as lobby, player, and contest format
  • A detailed activity feed of what happened over the course of the contest

… and coming soon

  • Highlights, including a video capture replay of the key moments throughout the contest

Contest Summary and Details

What about contests that are in progress?

With the introduction of cross-lobby contests, it means that your challenges may not be immediately met and your contests may not have an immediate result, fortunately the contest dashboard will allow you to track all of your current challenges and money that’s in play and available to win.

For contests that are in progress, the information within the detail page will be updated live as it happens within the game / contest.