March Product Release Notes

Free Entry Invites!

Challenger is inviting you to play in our Free Entry contests! There is no cost to enter but there is a great reward of 20 credits for winning the challenge.

All you need to do is complete the objective as described in the invitation and you win. To kick things off, we’re offering our users the challenge of scoring 3 Kills in a game of their choosing.

Did you know you can also Challenge your friends? Using our invites, you can send a challenge via username or email to your friends and compete for real money. After you’re done winning this contest from Challenger, use those credits to play against others and grow your account even more.

Windows App Performance Improvements

We are always focusing on performance improvements at Challenger.  Keeping our platform as fast and light weight as possible is critical to your game play.  Several players experienced what appeared as frame rate loss during gameplay with Challenger.  We’ve isolated those use cases to the use of select configurations in game with players using high resolution, high refresh monitors.  Fixes to this issue as well as many other minor improvements have been added in March.