Product Release Notes – October 2022

We had a very busy October with our largest month of releases ever, major improvements to the web and windows experience and a whole new contest engine supporting new contest types and allowing contests on Battle Royale games! Read below for details.

New Contest! – Most Kills – Next Match

Up until this point, we’ve had support for what we call “same lobby” contests. This is where you create a challenge that requires all challengers to be in the same game, play mode, and lobby / match at the same time.

Now, we’ve added a new way to play that doesn’t require both users to be online at the same time.

In a “cross lobby” contest, you create a challenge that may be accepted by any other user that chooses the same game, play mode, and challenge type. Challengers can play their contest entries at different times, in different game lobbies/matches and the best score will win.

You will receive results and winnings when all contest entries are submitted. If you’re in a same-lobby contest or you are the final contestant in a cross-lobby contest, you’ll see the results right away. If you are the first competitor in a cross-lobby contest then you will receive the results once your opponent is found and they have completed their entry.

Want to play against a specific user or only with your friends rather than the next person that comes along? Don’t worry, that’s coming soon and will be available within the next few weeks.

Cross Lobby Contests

Built upon the new cross lobby contest engine, we’ve added a new contest type that allows you to get sweaty and chase as many kills as you can in Battle Royales. In this game mode, as the name implies, you are going for as many kills as you can manage… but be careful, because you only have a single match to earn those kills and when it’s done your submission is done as well. Whenever the in-game match ends, whatever your kill total is at that time will be your score and will be compared against the score of your opponent. Most kills wins!

Call of Duty – Warzone

Bundled with the release of the cross lobby contests, we’ve included support for Call of Duty: Warzone. This incredibly popular battle royale first person shooter game can now have its fun amplified with even more excitement through cross-lobby competition.

Drop in and cash in on those wins!

Points Play Updates

When we first introduced points, they were only being awarded for participating in cash contests. Then we released the “Point play” mode that allowed users to earn points just for playing the game, as messaged in the app: Play for points only: no challenge, wagers or contests required. Points are awarded based on duration of gameplay.

We’ve been listening to the feedback of our users and also observing how the application has been used to guide what comes next for points. We’ve added protections against abuse and we’re also implementing a daily cap on points for the time-based awards. There is no cap on points for cash contest participants. We’re looking at adding more ways to earn and will further evolve this offering based on the valued feedback we’ve received so far.

Windows Application – Data Capture Improved + Many Bug Fixes

We’ve updated our recording technology within the Windows application to dramatically improve stability and fixed a large number of DirectX related bugs that were reported by users. While we never want to see errors in the application, it does happen and we’re super thankful for our community that reported the issues so we could resolve them. If you are a user who had an issue launching a challenge via the application or saw other errors, we haven’t seen a DX error reported since the update, so we hope you’re enjoying the new experience!

New Deposit Options – PayPal + Venmo

You asked for it and now you have it, we’ve added support for PayPal deposits and for the USA users we’ve also added Venmo.

User Profile Updates

We’ve completely redesigned the user profile experience, where we had a lot of functionality broken into separate pages, now everything can be found conveniently together on your profile.

You can directly access any portion of the profile from the username dropdown in the web portal.


Along with these changes, you will see this is where you manage the multiple usernames.


Team Challenger

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