Drop into Call of Duty: Warzone

Support for Call of Duty: Warzone is live!

Team Challenger is excited to announce our support for COD: Warzone, which allows PC gamers to compete against each other for cash. With this release we are introducing cross-lobby competition, a first of its kind challenge format that allows gamers to compete against each other with different game start times.

This is an exciting and simple, on-demand option for the everyday gamer to participate in peer-to-peer cash competitions for battle royale matches outside of pre-scheduled tournaments. Starting today, any eligible gamer who wants to raise the stakes on a competitive kill race can do so easily.

If you already are a Challenger customer and have Warzone installed, time to go out and put your skills to work. If you are new to Challenger, create a free account, download and install the Challenger application, and use your free $5 registration credit to:
Play. Win. and Get Paid.

— Team Challenger