*Rumored* Features Coming to Warzone 2

On May 20th, the great Tom Henderson dropped a report via XputerE on 5 new features coming to Warzone 2 (it’s now been updated to 11 features on 5/29). Now at this point, we all know these are rumors and subject to change, BUT that won’t stop me from giving my opinions on the reported direction the game is headed.

Let me start by saying, I’m cautiously excited! Why be cautious? I thought Verdansk (MW only skins & weapons) was DAMN near perfect… sadly, that all changed with Cold War (woof) and Vanguard (triple woof). Why be excited? I’m confident Activision is actively listening… granted, it’s hard to change the engine halfway through the race (hence the woof and triple woof that was already developed and planned). I love that they’ve changed their COD development cycle and, IF these rumors are true…oh baby!
*cracks knuckles*

Interrogation Feature

Similar to games like Rainbow Six Siege, this feature allows you to interrogate a downed enemy to reveal their teammates locations. This apparently will be an animation similar to an execution you perform on a downed enemy, or when you sneak up on an unsuspected player in the wild. Although small, I love the idea and think it could introduce an interesting dynamic to battle royal mode. I’m interested to see how long the animation takes to complete – understanding where surrounding enemies are on a map is a huge come up – it should be a risky play for the interrogator. Secondly, I think it should come at a cost – meaning, if you interrogate a player, then you won’t be able to thirst him/her. This could introduce an interesting situation amongst squads: ensure the player is dead by thirsting them? Or interrogate to learn where fellow enemies are on the map?

Bag System

Sooooooo glad inventory management is coming back to COD. Honestly, my biggest area of feedback for OG Warzone (which, if you haven’t noticed, is my favorite version of the BR mode) was the lack of inventory management. This is where other BR’s did it better – PUBG and Apex Legends give players the ability to carry more grenades and specific ammo types to fit their play style. Wanna run two AR’s? You’re going to burn through ammo wayyyy too fast in Warzone. My one area of concern – inventory management speed is always going to benefit Mouse + Keyboard players…and I am a loud and proud console guy (Mouse + Keyboard players reading this… don’t @ me). But net net? I’m happy it’s rumored to be coming back. Let me decide how many frags, smokes, AR ammo, armor plates I carry. Don’t try and fit everyone into a box.


What’s a stronghold? Apparently, it’s going to be named locations on the BR map where AI is going to be protecting high value loot. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Imagine what Superstore would have been like with Modern Warfare AI walking the aisles or standing behind the cash registers. It would make every PVP interaction better! Now, I will say – we kind of had this in Blackout, but Zombies are lame. I like the idea of patrolling AI that has the ability to inflict damage from a distance and even search for cover, or potentially blind firing behind boxes/around corners. Exciting dynamic I hope to see in WZ2!


Let’s keep this one short and sweet…we’re going back to 5 attachments to weapons only, not 8. THANK GOD! 5 made us think: What do we hold most valuable to our weapons? For me, it’s always stability and range for my primary weapon as I prefer to be a mid to long range player (shout out to the OG EBR-14 and my all time Warzone favorite, FAL). When Vanguard introduced 8, that decision process went out the window. Now we just tossed attachments everywhere. “You get an attachment, you get an attachment!” This is an old feature that is welcomed with open arms.

New Map

Now here is one of the newer hot lil leaks going around town my friends. A new map! First, let me start by saying: I’d like to formally apologize to Verdansk…baby, we took you for granted and I’m sorry. Once Caldera burst onto the scene – I think most of us (the honest ones) admit Verdansk was a far superior map. Apparently, Verdansk is coming back and Caldera isn’t going anywhere. Does this mean map rotation? I can only hope so! But give me map rotation like PUBG, not Apex. Rumor has it that POI’s like High Rise and Terminal will be coming back which has me smiling ear to ear with nostalgia.

I planned on keeping it to 5, but here is a little bonus topic for you: DMZ mode… which stands for “demilitarized zone”. This is going to be a completely new game mode. Think Escape from Tarkov risk/reward with COD weapon mechanics. This.Is.Going.To.Be.SIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! I have so many questions, but this could be an absolute GAME CHANGER. Let’s wait for more details to come before we chew the fat on this, but I’ll be praying this rumor is true for the next 150 days. (MW2 release date is 10/28, if you didn’t know…)

Until next time homies!