March Challenger Development Update

March 5, 2021


It’s been a while since our last update, but we wanted to reach out and let everyone know what’s up and what to expect in the coming weeks.  

First off: HUGE shoutout to all the Open Alpha gamers!  All participants will be getting 500 Free Credits for helping out at launch.  Thanks to your support we identified several major issues with windows application and our web user portal.  The big update is that we migrated the windows application into a fully native windows program, we had some hybrid web/windows stuff going on before.  This was a major re-code, but was needed to address many of the inconsistencies that the users experienced during testing.  Long term it will give us a better base to add more functionality to the application. Below is just a quick list of the items addressed in the next build.

Release Notes

Web User Portal

  • Removed unneeded fields from registration
  • Optimized registration form layout
  • Fixed email confirmation registration email
  • Fixed registration validation ensuring all users over 18
  • Added unique referral IDs for all users
  • Fixed some broken links and placed others

Windows Application

  • Redeveloped application to fully native windows application
  • Updated server list removing disconnected servers
  • Added 2 Official Challenger servers – tuned for performance!
  • Fixed CSGO game launch
  • Added in game notifications, removing the funky Windows ones
  • Added steam username collection (required for CSGO data processing)
  • Various model updates to improve AI accuracy
  • Added workflow management to ensure proper contest creation
  • Added automatic download and update of new client versions
  • Various security updates


What’s next?

We are happy to say that BETA is right around the corner.  The team has a bit more testing before we are ready for the community, but we are getting closer everyday!  The BETA period will be broken up into a couple phases:

The first phase will be pretty exclusive in terms of access and it will also be restricted to specific windows of time that will be scheduled as play sessions. 

The second phase will be more of an open BETA, less restricted and just play whenever. 

If you are on the BETA list you are all set for the first phase!  We will announce the scheduled testing times a few days before release.  Keep an eye (gun?) out for the Challenger team as we will be playing with you! This is something we won’t be doing post-launch by company rule, so kill us now while you can!

During the second phase we will allow new user registration and enable the platform for open play for anyone to give it a try. Anyone participating in BETA will get 250 credits at launch. We will also be hosting some contests during each phase, so look out for the cool rewards that will be up for grabs!

Make sure to keep in touch on our social channels and look for your Phase 1 BETA invite.

The Team at Challenger


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