Open Alpha


Help us, help you! We want to show you the money, but to do that we need your help!

You played. you waited. finally challenger is coming back!

Are you an avid gamer? Do you like to be first? Are you a hipster who likes to talk about how you knew about it before anyone else? Do you like defeating hipsters who think they are gamers because they own a Nintendo and jump on closed beta releases? We’ve got good news. Challenger is launching a limited time open alpha. Be the first to try out the new Challenger system and help us bring the product to market by provided highly valued and much needed feedback on your experience. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing features on our platform as we prepare to launch cash based play. Help us test the solution and get some free credits for your help!

We are bringing back the classic gameplay of CS:GO to kick off our alpha testing.  Join the Challenger team and play for a while!


  • Experience The New Design

    Be the first to experience the fully rebuilt application and be ready to frag when Day 1 of launch arrives.

  • 500 Credits

    When we launch, we will load your account with 500 real credits that you can use to compete for cash in live on-demand contests.

  • Double Referral Bonus: 3 Months

    We will supercharge your account so that you receive a double referral bonus for any new users you bring to the platform during the first three months of our official release.



Just head over to our survey and feedback form or DM an admin or mod on Discord.
Open Alpha FAQ's?

How can I join?
By signing up to Challenger's you will added to the launch waitlist. Just look out for an email in the coming days for your instructions to access Open Alpha. Please note that you have to be 18 or over to join Open Alpha.

What should I expect?

Our goal is roll out frequent updates to reach full functionality on the platform with your help and feedback. Keep a look out on our social channels and your email for release announcements.  We will be testing the following major functionality with your help in the coming weeks.

  • Registration and Installation
  • Game Launch and Match Entry
  • Contests and Scoring
  • Funds Transfer and Payouts
  • And a bunch more in the middle!

In what regions will Open Alpha be available?
Open Alpha will be available worldwide, with the exception of those countries and regions where skill based gaming is not allowed due to local law. It will only be playable in English.

I haven’t been selected for the first testing group, what can I do?
Open Alpha only has a limited number of spots, that will increase for each feature release. Not having access to the first group does not necessarily mean that you will not get access to the next one. Keep an eye open on your inbox 😉

Is Open Alpha free?
Open Alpha is completely free! We are also giving anyone whom participates 500 credits to kick off their Challenger experience.

Free Credits
Months of Bonus

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Safe & Secure

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